On the importance of house plants

I have a minor obsession with house plants. I’ve got spider plants, rubber plants, ivy trailing everywhere around my home. I frequently run out of pots to put them in and have to buy more pots; this frees up the smaller pots, and I buy more plants.

Vicious cycle.

But I really do think they improve my day, and there’s lots of evidence to suggest that they improve your health as well. I like seeing greenery indoors, I enjoy watching them grow, and the cat likes to chew the leaves.

So what are the benefits?

  1. Purify the air: plants can absorb harmful toxins from the air, break them down, and release the harmless by products.
  2. Remove carbon dioxide: it has been suggested that plants can remove up to 10% of carbon dioxide from the air. (So’s it’s really concerning when trees are cut down when we have a global problem with carbon…)
  3. Increase the humidity: this is much healthier than dry or dusty air, which causes throat, nose, and eye irritation.
  4. Improve relationships: caring for nature increases compassion and boosts our mood, making us just a bit better at putting up with each other.
  5. Help us to think: plants increase our capacity for memory, increase productivity and creativity.
  6. Help us to heal: patients recovering from surgery heal better when they can see plants – they have lower blood pressure, and less pain and fatigue.
  7. Reduce noise pollution: this probably helps more with outdoor plants, as you can plant a large hedge between your house and the road to block out the traffic noise.

Which plants should you choose if you want to improve the air quality in your home?

NASA went to great lengths to thoroughly study which plants could be used to purify the air in space facilities, so we have a pretty good idea of which plants to buy if we want to improve the air quality in our homes.

Snake plants – otherwise known as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ (because they are sharp.) They give out oxygen at night, unlike most plants, so they work best in the bedroom.


Broadleaf lady palm – to be honest, I had never heard of this one. Apparently it can extract ammonia from the air so is really helpful at detoxifying the air after using cleaning products.

download (2)

Aloe vera – a spiky succulent that fights benzene, which is found in plastics and detergents.

download (3)

Spider plant – combats carbon monoxide. What a beauty!

download (4)

Chinese evergreen – likes humidity, thrives in bathrooms where it can tackle the formaldehyde from cosmetics.

download (5)

Ficus/ weeping fig – cleans the air of fireplace smoke so perfect for rustic living rooms.

download (6)

English ivy – removes airborne fecal matter!


Orchids – another one that gives off oxygen at night time so perfect for bedrooms. Also tackles the chemicals found in shoe polish. (So fill your shoe polishing room with orchids.)

images (1)


Looks like I need to plan a trip to a garden centre soon…….

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Hello! I'm Clarissa, a green lifestyle blogger from Norwich, UK. I write about environmental concerns, animal rights issues, and also my hobbies of birding, gardening, and nature rambling, as well as sharing vegetarian recipes and reviews on cruelty-free products. Feel free to comment and connect with me on social media; you can find me on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/this_veggie_life/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThisVeggieLife

34 thoughts on “On the importance of house plants”

  1. I love how much you love plants. I had one little succulent in my house until my friend had to move and now all of her succulents are house at my house. The look of my kitchen windowsill is so dreamy now.

  2. I love this post! I love my house plants and I keep adding more everyday! Thank you for the info, I am going to have to go out and get more plants like this for my collection! πŸ™‚

  3. Indoor plants are so important in offices, homes and classrooms. They are good for us in so many ways. I think I have given a ” spider baby” from a spider plant to virtually everyone I have ever known or taught. A room without a plant is a prison!

    1. That’s so true!

      I’m growing a few more plants from my spider babies as well. I have plants on my desk at the office as well, really cheerful site.

    1. There are many types that are easy to maintain – snake plants are basically impossible to kill.

      I love a maidenhair fern but I ALWAYS end up killing them!

  4. I just love house plants, too! But I have a hard time finding ones that work for me – I live in a basement so I need low-light, non-toxic for kitty plants…leaves me with less to choose from especially as I always forget to water.

  5. Your foliage house plants look well grown. Do you also use flowering plants? My summer favourites for indoors are Streptocarpus, Gloxinias, Saintpaulias and Achimenes. Dibleys online nurseries offer a wonderful selection for mail-order.

    1. Thanks, but they’re not all mine, some are stock photos from the internet haha!

      Good choices. I don’t have many indoor flowering plants to be honest, I think I just like the greenery indoors .

  6. We have many plants in our room at school but unfortunately the state is putting a kabosh on it. They are cheery and helpful and lovely to have around. Nice post! :)

  7. Lovely post, crisp as house plants. I love house plants too, and shall write about them real soon. My trick to not buying too many (still buying though) new pots is to re-purpose used containers like sturdier drink bottles. They could look pretty neat too.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, it means a lot to a newbie πŸ™‚

  8. I too have an obsession with plants both indoors and out. I’ve been known to repurpose kitchen bowls for planters. Another plant I hear is excellent at removing toxins from the air is the Peace Lily.

  9. I’m planning on making a purchase for some of the English ivy and maybe a tobacco plant for those upcoming relationships.

    1. Ah wow that’s an impressive cactus! It’s funny how snake plants are often referred to women’s sharp tongues in many language. It’s like we all reached the same conclusion. 😁

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