Stationery Goals: my top picks from Old English Company

Every now and again I have a big stationery splurge and I buy loads of notebooks, pens, and random little things for my desk. Much has been written about the strange rise of the stationery nerd and why we fetishize fountain pens, composition notebooks and washi tape, so I won’t add much to that debate other than to say that I enjoy the nostalgia and the sensory experience of writing and organising myself with a notebook. I don’t feel able to go to the shops without making a list first; I like to have a choice of pens on my desk; I am surrounded by helpful post-it notes.

To think that the post-it note may one day be a thing of the past! That a generation is growing up thinking in gifs. I imagine that they’re so used to typing on smart phones that their wrists are too weak to hold a pen and complete a side of A4!

Thankfully there are still places in the world knowledgeable in the ancient art of writing thank you cards. I came across Old English Company recently, who specialise in minimalist stationery and giftware – their designs are really cute and simple and all hand-lettered.

They have a beautiful collection of planners which have a really clean and simple design and lovely gold foil lettering on the cover. I love how helpful these planners are – the pages are presented as checklists so they’re awesome for making lists!

Old English Company are running a competition to win a set of their beautiful planners in honour of World Stationery Day on April 25th. All you have to do to enter to be in with a chance of winning 4 gorgeous planners is email your favourite item
of stationery to The winner will be announced on April 26th.

I’m so impressed with the simple design and their range of products – notebooks, planners, art prints, cards, accessories, mugs – and they would all make fantastic gifts. After around a hour scrolling through the website, I’ve narrowed down my purchases to my absolute favourites, so here are my top picks:

Charcoal Grey & Gold A5 Planner

Made using thick grey card and goil foil for the lettering. There is space inside to write the date on each page and the lines are designed as a checklist. There’s also a small section for notes at the bottom, so an all round essential tool for organisation.


Blush Pink & Gold A5 Planner

Same design as the grey planner but in a lovely light pastel pink shade, perfect for spring!


Wuthering Heights Print

I love literary prints and this would also make a great gift for my bookish friends. It would of course be a perfect Valentines day gift as well.


Monstera Leaf Mug

I just love these minimalist designs! The monstera leaf works perfectly in monochrome.


Tangible Stationery: a review

Hi guys!

Today I’ll be reviewing a couple of notebooks from a lovely stationery company called Tangible Stationery. They create beautiful stationery for everyday use, with all sorts of different personalisation possibilities.

You may be wondering what stationery has to do with a nature/green lifestyle blog – well, I miss pen & paper. Everything I’ve written so far for this blog has been using a keyboard; I’ve never hand written any of it. Given that I spend all day at work staring at a computer screen, it is a little upsetting to find myself using my evenings and weekends to write my blog digitally.

I realised I don’t have to do that – I can go old school! So I’m using a couple of fancy new notebooks to review* for this blog and to re-inspire me to use pen and paper again. I miss the physical experience of writing; holding a pen between my hands, opening a notebook and thumbing through to where I last got to, pausing over ivory pages, pen in lips, thinking, planning, writing.

I’ve chosen two notebooks from Tangible Stationery, one from each of their main brands.


Forbes Classic Notebook Lines F20-02

The essentials:

– 240 ivory pages
– Lined paper
– Loop for pen
– Elastic closure
– Ribbon marker
– Storage pocket
– A5 size

This notebook has a classic, traditional feel, with a hard cover and beautiful paper with subtle lines. It has a section in the top right hand corner to put the date on each page, which is a really cute detail and makes it ideal as a journal. A really awesome feature of this notebook is that it can be embossed – I requested the name of my blog, This Veggie Life, embossed on the cover, and I’m so pleased with how it came out! There are other options as well to have your chosen word or name or phrase on the cover in red, silver or gold foil.


The Forbes notebook passes all the necessary stationery nerd tests: quality paper that doesn’t allow ghosting (nerd term for how the pen shows through on the next page); classy cover, all essential features; and, finally, a cute ‘how to find my owner if I’m lost’ section at the front.

I’m a sucker for a hard leather-effect cover and ribbon to keep my place – it even comes with a pen loop, so it’s easy to transport and use as an everyday notebook to scribble down your thoughts and observations.

It’s reminiscent of travel writing – I can just imagine sitting in a hotel lobby in the 1930’s in Constantinople, sipping coffee, smoking a cigarette, and writing my adventures in my travel journal. This is a notebook that has an enduring appeal.


Matilda Myers Notebook MY20-05

The essentials:

– Rose gold foiling
– Original design by Matilda Myres
– 192 ivory pages
– Round elastic closure
– Lined paper

Again, this notebook has quality paper with subtle lines and no ghosting when writing; it has an elastic ribbon to hold it closed, a section on each page to write the page number, and a page for contact details at the front. This notebook has a very artistic feel and I think it would be great for writing stories or planning a creative project. Alternatively, it’s a great gift.

This notebook is all about the snazzy cover – I love the geometric shapes and the pastel blue colours, and I love how satisfying it is to touch the indented rose gold foiling. Honestly, it’s quite soothing.


Now that I have two new beautiful notebooks for my collection, I feel I can write with a pen in my hands again, so I’m planning many more visits to coffee shops to brainstorm ideas for my blog and to use the free WiFi.

So enough of the screen headaches. Here’s to the authentic tangible experience of physical writing.

* I received the products to review as gifts from the company; my views are always my own.