My best baby buys (so far)

So in November I entered the joyous and unsettling world of motherhood and with that comes certain consumer demands. I’m subject to a whole new world of advertising as everyone wants to grab my attention to flog their play gyms and superhero onesies. I’m very cautious when it comes to handing over my hard earned cash so we’ve been fairly selective and thrifty when it comes to the baby purchases.

Given that new babies require a lot of stuff, it is often a minefield trying to work out what to buy and what not to buy. Do you really need that scented nappy bin? Should you go for a bassinet, crib or basket? Well, we did have 9 months to make those choices and, by and large, we made the right decisions to suit out needs. I’d love to talk you through the purchases I’ve found essential and why.

All terrain pram: the Mothercare Orb
The travel system is a pretty large investment, unless you second hand it. This is one that we felt it is important to get right and we bought new because we wanted a car seat to go with the pram without too much fuss. The pram we wanted would be one that see us through our nature walks, which often involve trudging through mud, so we went for a pram with all terrain wheels. So far it has not let me down! I’ve walked it over bumpy, stoney ground and through muddy tracks and baby has slept through it all. J. has deliberately sought out molehills and other obstacles and the pram has merely scoffed at those moles!

Bottle prep: Tommee Tippee prep machine
I had planned to breastfeed but baby had other ideas. After 2 months of expressing and combi-feeding, my milk had gone and I made my peace with formula feeding. (Not looking for a discussion on this but you’re welcome to share your own experiences!) The Tomme Tippee prep machine has been an absolute life saver and probably the best investment I have ever made. I can make a bottle in less than 2 minutes at the right temperature. I just wish I had bought this straight away to get through the night feeds as we ended up spending a lot more money on the ready-made drinks. Within a month we had made our money back in the difference between ready-made and powder formula.D

DIY play nest
I stole the idea off a friend to make a play nest from my old maternity pillow and I got some fabric custom made. It is such a beautiful thing and I love the fabric so much. It’s just a nice space to sit in and play with baby whilst he can sit up resting on the pillow. Also, my cat loves it and has claimed it as her bed.

Second hand clothes
Why would you buy new?! I’ve so far managed to get 2 separate bundles for both 0-3 and 3-6 months from a friend and there are some really cute clothes you can get second hand. Some items Alfred has worn just a few times before he has outgrown them and every time this happens I feel a warm sense of smugness that I bought second hand. It’s better for the environment and certainly better for my pocket.

Homemade blankets and knitwear
I’m so lucky to have friends (and even their mothers!) knit me baby clothes and blankets. Here are a few from some very talented people. There’s nothing quite like receiving something homemade that someone has taken the time to create and I will cherish these forever.