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GE17: Manifestos on the Environment

Less than a week to go until the “snap” General Election 2017 that nobody wanted but what are the parties promising on the environment? Here’s a quick summary: Green Party preserve all EU environmental laws and principles after Brexit introduce Environment Protection Act to preserve wildlife and habitats and ensure all have right to access… Continue reading GE17: Manifestos on the Environment

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I’ve not blogged in a while because I have been busy with others thing (including overtime at work) and also I suppose I was waiting for the warmer weather to appear to give me an opportunity to find something to write about. Last week we went to Lakenheath Fen on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, a reserve… Continue reading Nightjar

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5 interesting new species we discovered in 2016

It’s not all doom and gloom and the Sixth Mass Extinction – scientists have been discovering new species as well as pronouncing their imminent demist. As our knowledge and technology improves, researchers are able to access more and more remote areas and discover interesting species that are completely new to science – before it is too… Continue reading 5 interesting new species we discovered in 2016

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Trump’s threat to tear up the Paris agreement could help to make it law

Climate change denying president-elect (said with the contempt it deserves) Donald Trump has reiterated his campaign threat to tear up the Paris agreement signed less than a year that committed all nations to limit the global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees. Trump believes (or claims to – who really knows what’s going on beneath… Continue reading Trump’s threat to tear up the Paris agreement could help to make it law

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Hickling Broad, Norfolk, is being sold to the Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Hickling Broad is one of our most famous and internationally important broads in Norfolk. It houses a significant proportion of the UK’s common crane population, along with resident marsh harriers, bitterns, pochards, water rails, Cetti’s warbler, and the infamous beared tit. A large area of the estate has been managed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust,… Continue reading Hickling Broad, Norfolk, is being sold to the Norfolk Wildlife Trust

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Corruption and the illegal wildlife trade

A new report published by The Guardian yesterday has exposed key wildlife trafficking crime groups and the corrupt government officials enabling them. The investigation was carried out by Freeland over 14 years and identifies through Thai government surveillance the main crime networks and individual traffickers who have profited around $23bn through illegally trading in animals, including endangered species, such… Continue reading Corruption and the illegal wildlife trade

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On The Importance Of Insects

Insects are the most common of all animals on the planet, totally around 1.5 million types of insects – that’s three times more than any other animal population combined! They are especially important to all ecosystems because they serve two functions: to pollinate and to clean. Many of the foods we rely on are pollinated… Continue reading On The Importance Of Insects