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The Incredible Likeness of Chimps

This month brought us the news that chimps might be religious. This bizarre conclusion is hard to draw from the episode that provoked it; however, we can say, fairly confidently, that chimps sometimes display behaviours that have no clear purpose or function. Scientists from the Humboldt University of Berlin set up camera traps in chimp territory in… Continue reading The Incredible Likeness of Chimps


Chimps (Nearly) Awarded Human Rights

In a landmark ruling, two chimpanzees, imprisoned and abused for research, were temporarily granted legal ‘personhood’ status for the first time. The Nonhuman Rights Project launched a lawsuit against Stony Brook University in New York requesting the transfer of two research chimps, Hercules and Leo, to the Save the Chimps Florida animal sanctuary in Florida. The activists are focused… Continue reading Chimps (Nearly) Awarded Human Rights