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Binoculars I rely on

Finding the right pair of binoculars for a fussy consumer like me is a time consuming business, one I don’t care to repeat again. Luckily, I got an excellent pair for my birthday this year, and so far they have been so reliable and handy for birding. The Eyeskey Binoculars are waterproof, lightweight, and offer very clear… Continue reading Binoculars I rely on

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6 reasons why the goldfinch is the best garden bird

They look so regal. Like some kind of smartly dressed gent, dropping by for tea. They are delicate eaters. There’s just something so tender about the big, bulky short bill, carefully investigating the inside of the feeder. They can sit there for ages, not even flying off when the sparrows or blue tits join them on… Continue reading 6 reasons why the goldfinch is the best garden bird

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Getting into Birding

I am gradually becoming a birder. It only occurred to me in the last year of so that birds are interesting – interesting because they are everywhere, yet at the same time so elusive. I did some Comms volunteering last year with the RSPB and that was really the impetus I needed, though I have always… Continue reading Getting into Birding