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Enjoying the Durrells

The Durrells is good TV, isn’t it? Easy to watch, funny, feel-good, with beautiful settings and good actors. I heard it’s not really much like the actual family at all but that’s ok because the TV show has taken on a new life. I’ve been reading a bit about the Durrell Foundation as well, which… Continue reading Enjoying the Durrells

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Wildlife in Churchyards

I loathe a tidy churchyard. I hate to see their freshly mown grass and neatly trimmed edges. Give me unkempt, wild and natural graveyards any day. Churchyards can often be ancient grassland habitats, providing havens for over 100 species of wildflowers, millions of insects, as well as birds and mammals. Bats can still be found… Continue reading Wildlife in Churchyards

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Fox hunting – still protesting this shit

2 years ago I wrote THIS blog post about Tory attempts to repeal the Hunting Act and I can’t believe we’re STILL having this argument and I’m STILL having to protest this shit. It’s illegal. Give it up. Find another hobby. One that doesn’t involve foxes being torn apart and hunting dogs being mistreated and destroyed.… Continue reading Fox hunting – still protesting this shit

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Binoculars I rely on

Finding the right pair of binoculars for a fussy consumer like me is a time consuming business, one I don’t care to repeat again. Luckily, I got an excellent pair for my birthday this year, and so far they have been so reliable and handy for birding. The Eyeskey Binoculars are waterproof, lightweight, and offer very clear… Continue reading Binoculars I rely on

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Subscribe to my blog!

Or don’t,  if you don’t want to. Free country. But if you DO want to subscribe to my blog by email you can now do so. Just click the follow button on my home page and you’ll get email notifications of my new blog posts. TFR (means ‘thanks for reading’). Dunno if that’s a thing… Continue reading Subscribe to my blog!

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May is always about the Bluebells

May Day Bank Holiday took us out to Blickling Hall in Norfolk (or Bono’s house, as Alan Partridge once famously claimed), where we witnessed the annual spectacle of the bluebells. I was expecting to be a bit disappointed – so much hype suggested to me that it would not be all that impressive a display… Continue reading May is always about the Bluebells

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Wild Camping

You know about camping. It involves pitching up in the falling darkness, carrying your washbag to the nearby smelly toilet block, being kept awake by fellow campers, and trying to dry out your tent before you have to bed down for an uncomfortable night in it. But have you heard of wild camping? Wikipedia doesn’t bother to… Continue reading Wild Camping