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Enjoying the Durrells

The Durrells is good TV, isn’t it? Easy to watch, funny, feel-good, with beautiful settings and good actors. I heard it’s not really much like the actual family at all but that’s ok because the TV show has taken on a new life. I’ve been reading a bit about the Durrell Foundation as well, which… Continue reading Enjoying the Durrells

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Wildlife in Churchyards

I loathe a tidy churchyard. I hate to see their freshly mown grass and neatly trimmed edges. Give me unkempt, wild and natural graveyards any day. Churchyards can often be ancient grassland habitats, providing havens for over 100 species of wildflowers, millions of insects, as well as birds and mammals. Bats can still be found… Continue reading Wildlife in Churchyards

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Fox hunting – still protesting this shit

2 years ago I wrote THIS blog post about Tory attempts to repeal the Hunting Act and I can’t believe we’re STILL having this argument and I’m STILLĀ having to protest this shit. It’s illegal. Give it up. Find another hobby. One that doesn’t involve foxes being torn apart and hunting dogs being mistreated and destroyed.… Continue reading Fox hunting – still protesting this shit

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May is always about the Bluebells

May Day Bank Holiday took us out to Blickling Hall in Norfolk (or Bono’s house, as Alan Partridge once famously claimed), where we witnessed the annual spectacle of the bluebells. I was expecting to be a bit disappointed – so much hype suggested to me that it would not be all that impressive a display… Continue reading May is always about the Bluebells

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Little garden sink pond

Our little cottage garden is quite small so there’s not much we can do with it. It is mostly paved over with border beds, though they are thriving with greenery, and a large apple tree and several rose bushes. It’s very pretty but it would benefit from a water feature. So we bought an old… Continue reading Little garden sink pond

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I’ve not blogged in a while because I have been busy with others thing (including overtime at work) and also I suppose I was waiting for the warmer weather to appear to give me an opportunity to find something to write about. Last week we went to Lakenheath Fen on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, a reserve… Continue reading Nightjar

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National Trust returns to its wild roots

  The National Trust is a much-loved heritage organisation in the UK that protects interesting or historic buildings, manages and conserves the site and land, and provides access to the public. But did you know it allows promises to protect plant and animal life? The commitment is even within its founding principles: The National Trust… Continue reading National Trust returns to its wild roots