Veganuary 2018

So this has been a long time coming. I’ve been meaning to take the plunge to quit eggs and dairy altogether but have so far not managed to commit. A month ‘trial’ is a perfect excuse and gives me a get out if it turns out I completely hate it (which I doubt – I’m practically there anyway.)

What’s Veganuary?

As the name suggests, the idea is to go vegan in January, the best time of year for making changes. The whole Veganuary campaign is hugely popular and successful and there are plenty of resources on the website to guide and encourage new vegans. They also have a very helpful myths section to debunk some of the strange ideas surrounding veganism and to explain in more detail why it’s a necessary change for the environment, for health, and for animals.

One of my main worries is eating out – will I be able to find a place that offers something for me? I’ve been a vegetarian for years and it has always been simple eating out as there are always some veggie options. In fact, it has been easier – while my friends spend ages trying to decide between the lamb and the salmon, I scan the menu and select the only veggie option available. So I’m glad to find that there’s another really helpful section on the Veganuary website that lists high streets restaurant chains and coffee shops and lists the vegan options available.

I’ve read some of the books, have some comprehension of a vegan philosophy but do not wish to watch any of those films or documentaries like Earthlings or Cowspiracy that turn a lot of people vegan – I already know, or at least, can guess.

So what I’d really like from you, Dear Reader, is some recommendations and advice – where to shop, what to watch out for, how to stock up on the essentials? Are you trying Veganuary this year or did you do it last year?


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Hello! I'm Clarissa, a green lifestyle blogger from Norwich, UK. I write about environmental concerns, animal rights issues, and also my hobbies of birding, gardening, and nature rambling, as well as sharing vegetarian recipes and reviews on cruelty-free products. Feel free to comment and connect with me on social media; you can find me on: Instagram: Twitter:

33 thoughts on “Veganuary 2018”

  1. My advice is that you shouldn’t feel intimidated to speak up and ask for advice at restaurants. Give the staff the opportunity to come up with a solution if they don’t have a vegan option on the menu. You may end up with pasta marinara or a salad or you may get something really great. Good luck!

      1. We feel better for it. The main issue has been things like quorn – my partner has a gluten allergy and many of the meat substitute s have either gluten or egg in as a binder – we have to go with the egg versions. Other than that I think it’s a really good time to try it – lots of restaurants (particularly some of the big chains) are coming up with vegan options now – the demand is there.

  2. Very exciting 🙂 There are lots of vegan foods in Waitrose, Tescos and Holland and Barrett. We like Linda McCartney’s selection 🙂 Tofu is very versatile too, and lentils are good for making pies and burgers 🙂

  3. This is great. Best of luck to you ❤️ if you want a Vegan to talk to I’m here. Ig:mikayla_cherise

  4. Good work! You’ll do great if it is what you really want to do. I did the Vegan Easy challenge seven years ago and am still vegan. My suggestion is don’t be too strict on yourself. If you eat something that isn’t vegan, no big deal, it’s how we had been eating most of our lives anyway. Stay strong to what you think is right. You’ll get to know local places to eat and what foods from different cuisines are a go to. Happy Cow is a great app to find vegan food in your proximity.

  5. Go you! 😀 My new years resolution was to make the transition to fully Vegan 🙂 I’ve reduced meat and dairy for over a year now and finally decided to make to take the plunge! I would definitely suggest watching some Vegan documentaries like Cowspiracy and What the Health – they are very interesting. However I can understand if people don’t want to watch Earthlings as it is very upsetting, although I find that is what sometimes really creates an impact on people. We all think we know what goes on, but I think most of us perhaps don’t realise the extent of it. I am enjoying a very veggie filled diet atm and am looking forward to trying recipes like vegan mac and cheese 😀 there are loads of online websites full of recipes and a lot of shops are stocking more and more vegan food, such as Holland & Barrets 🙂 I’ll be experimenting and posting new recipes on my blog too! Good Luck – I hope you enjoy the experience xo

    1. Thank you for your comment and well wishes! It feels like so many people are making the change at the moment, it’s really encouraging. I need to pay a visit to Holland & Barretts, I’ve tried a few other wholefood shops in my town already. I will watch some of the documentaries eventually, if only so I can arm myself with the info for the inevitable hate and meat eaters who are suddenly experts on animal welfare. :D

  6. Hi. I hope you can keep it up, if that’s what you want to do. I know what you mean about finding places to eat where they have a vegan option. I don’t go out to eat alot, but Indian restaurants if you ask them can have quite a few vegan dishes to choose from.

    Some of the supermarkets are introducing new vegan meals ranges to their shelves.

    I find pub meals are still quite back in the dark ages, and only vegan option is salad and chips.

    I’ve been vegan for about 15 years. I was vegetarian for years before turning like you. My dad had been a vegan before me, and he had the vhs video of what farm animals, especially cows go through in order to produce milk for humans, hosted by Benjamin Zephaniah

    Like you i haven’t been able to watch any the latest movies highlighting suffering and cruelty in the meat industry around the world. Like you say, but i can imagine the horrors.

    Good luck, and their are so many good substitute foods out there now. Like egg replacements, powder and just add water,
    I’ve just noticed Lynda McCartney plain sausages now have palm oil in them. So i’ve stopped eating them. But her red onion range are palm oil free.
    Palm oil is another thing i’m checking labels to see if it has it in it before i buy it. If it does, i don’t buy it. Or some now say, the palm oil used in their product is from a certified palm oil place.

  7. Good for you, I was veggie for almost two years before going vegan. At first it was because I was uneducated on it. “But they’re not killing the animals, so it’s fine” And then like you, even when I went vegan, I had these worries. They caused me to “kind of” vegan for a few months before fully committing, That was over a year ago now, and honestly these worries don’t even cross my mind anymore. So the best advice I can give you, is don’t be too hard on yourself. I actually just made a post about veganuary, if you’d like to check it out. I wanted people like yourself to not worry, and help out in any little way i could. Honestly, once you get used to it, it’s the easiest thing in the world.
    Best of luck, and keep us updated.

  8. Hi there! I’m a vegan – but it’s been an off again on again effort to get there. It’s really hard to weed out all the eggs and dairy in every little thing. The best advice I have for you is to try to make everything yourself from scratch – that way you know exactly what’s going into your food! Good luck! It’s a delicious journey! Great blog by the way. I’ve got a lot to learn from folks like you about blogging!

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment and excellent advice, I will certainly take that on board. I’m naturally making more food by scratch and so far not finding it too taxing. I look forward to reading more of you blog. :D

  9. My family and I are trying to go vegan in 2018, and helping to educate our daughter is a big part of it. I am “imperfectly” vegan, and it’s nice to know there are others out there. Thanks for the infographic! I love your blog, and will be following!

  10. I have a few recipes up and running and whilst as a professional chef I am (The not so vegan chef) please take a look I do feel it’s important to involve everyone in the dining experience. For myself asking the question is this vegan gets my suppliers thinking and researching which is how you get the wider picture and items which you would expect are just not eg balsamic vinegar you need to be wary of so just keep asking the question

  11. So happy to hear so many people trying out veganism 🙂 when I first went vegan I turned to tumblr and YouTube to learn as much as possible ! When it comes to eating out always check with bean dishes – they are really easy to veganize ! Usually just by removing the meat and cheese – nowadays you can find vegan options even at McDonald’s! Never be afraid to ask for variations 🙂

  12. wowo,i’ve been vegan for two years and never knew about veganuary lol.Thanks for maing me aware haha.It’s good to see other vegan bloggers!lots of love,keep blogging<3

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