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On the importance of house plants

I have a minor obsession with house plants. I’ve got spider plants, rubber plants, ivy trailing everywhere around my home. I frequently run out of pots to put them in and have to buy more pots; this frees up the smaller pots, and I buy more plants. Vicious cycle. But I really do think they… Continue reading On the importance of house plants

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Is it too late for my May Favourites

I’ve never done one of these monthly favourite blog posts before so I thought I’d join in and see how it goes. These are some of the things I’ve been enjoying in the last month (I know I’m a few days late but hey…) New Toms Toms are some of my favourite summer shoes, though… Continue reading Is it too late for my May Favourites

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GE17: Manifestos on the Environment

Less than a week to go until the “snap” General Election 2017 that nobody wanted but what are the parties promising on the environment? Here’s a quick summary: Green Party preserve all EU environmental laws and principles after Brexit introduce Environment Protection Act to preserve wildlife and habitats and ensure all have right to access… Continue reading GE17: Manifestos on the Environment

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My cat’s a murderer

It’s an ethical dilemma for conservation – you take in a rescue cat but it kills birds and mammals. Now there’s no way I’m getting rid of my baby girl Lyra and I’m not suggesting anyone does, but we should acknowledge that our domestic cats are predators and they kill birds. The Mammal Society reports… Continue reading My cat’s a murderer