Casual cycling

It has been years since I’ve ridden a bike and, wanting to have an alternative to getting around when my car is out of action or I just fancy being in the open air, I decided to a get a bike.

Reader, I bought a girly bike. A vintage bike. A pretty bike.

Accidental fisheye lens.

I won’t pretend to be some kind of fitness expert or serious cyclist in lycra. I just want to ride a bike into town sometimes or take a trip along the local countryside cycle path on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Today I managed 6 miles! My thighs ache and I will have to spend the rest of the day recovering. But it was worth it because it was enjoyable and easy-going along the cycle path by the river.

It’s a Pendleton Somerby, in case you’re wondering. I’ve since bought a wicker basket to go with it. Just needs a baguette.

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Hello! I'm Clarissa, a green lifestyle blogger from Norwich, UK. I write about environmental concerns, animal rights issues, and also my hobbies of birding, gardening, and nature rambling, as well as sharing vegetarian recipes and reviews on cruelty-free products. Feel free to comment and connect with me on social media; you can find me on: Instagram: Twitter:

12 thoughts on “Casual cycling”

  1. Yay! You’ve got your basket and you’re on your way. Isn’t it the best? Now me and you are biking sisters. Why did we wait so long, eh? You’ve got a lovely one on your hands. Those handle covers, ohh, so cool.

  2. I do love the handles! I’m annoyed they’re leather, I didn’t research that properly and now it’s too late so I’ll just have to live with that. I’ve been up and down my local cycle paths so many times already, I love it, it’s like being a kid again! :)

  3. Love your bike! I love cycling as well, get to see lots of nature from a casual ride:) Glad you found my site, I can see I am going to enjoy yours, and if I lived in England, Iā€™d be right there protesting the fox hunting with you!

  4. It’s ironic that you’re taking up cycling because after years of wanting me to get back on, my wife recently convinced me to buy a new bike. It’s a Schwinn Sivica and I love it. Maybe I should look for a vintage one.

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