Little garden sink pond

Our little cottage garden is quite small so there’s not much we can do with it. It is mostly paved over with border beds, though they are thriving with greenery, and a large apple tree and several rose bushes. It’s very pretty but it would benefit from a water feature.

So we bought an old Belfast sink through Gumtree, took a bank holiday trip to the local garden centre and bought a variety of pond plants and gravel. First attempt the water was very red and cloudy (from the pre-washed gravel – washed in clay??) so it needed a re fill and now it’s really quite clear.

An old milk bottle top did the trick of blocking the plug hole and the fern and bamboo will provide some shade to keep the water cool.

The RSPB website has a really helpful guide if you want to have a go at creating a little pond in your garden yourself.

And now we just wait for all the amphibians in the neighbourhood to discover it. :)

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Hello! I'm Clarissa, a green lifestyle blogger from Norwich, UK. I write about environmental concerns, animal rights issues, and also my hobbies of birding, gardening, and nature rambling, as well as sharing vegetarian recipes and reviews on cruelty-free products. Feel free to comment and connect with me on social media; you can find me on: Instagram: Twitter:

17 thoughts on “Little garden sink pond”

  1. This is super cute. How do you keep the water fresh? I may try this. I’d love a birdfeeder, but there are way too many stray cats in my area and it wouldn’t fair well.

    1. The oxygenating plants in the pond should keep the water fresh but we will probably also empty it each year. We have an epic bird feeder, with 6 feeding holes and three different types of seed. :) Plus the fat balls and peanuts (though no one wants the peanuts.)

  2. Yes! πŸ™ŒπŸ» I build a Belfast sink pond 2 years ago now. I have frogs and even newts! It’s amazing how much wildlife such a simple pond can attract. It’s one of my favourite spots on the allotment β˜ΊοΈπŸ’šπŸΈ

  3. I picked up an old discarded sink from the roadside (too many lying around in India!) and filled it up with ivies, ferns, fittonias, philodendrons and spider plants. Alas the Spider Plant got stolen but the rest are making the tiny garden look pretty!

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