6 reasons why the goldfinch is the best garden bird


  1. They look so regal. Like some kind of smartly dressed gent, dropping by for tea.
  2. They are delicate eaters. There’s just something so tender about the big, bulky short bill, carefully investigating the inside of the feeder. They can sit there for ages, not even flying off when the sparrows or blue tits join them on the other perch. They strike me as zen.
  3. Their song is a pretty twitter.
  4. Symbols of fertility. They often appear in artworks involved the Madonna and child, symbolizing fertility in the Italian Renaissance. This is because they often eat thistle seeds and teasles, so they are associated with Christ (the crown of thorns.)
  5. They’re the only birds visiting my garden that like niger seed. Actually, that should really count against them – niger seed is expensive.
  6. They flock in large groups. Walking around Cley marshes in Norfolk a few months ago, we were accompanied by a flock of roughly 20+ goldfinches for a few short thrilling minutes before they vanished.

Follow this link to the RSPB website for more info about the goldfinch. Make sure you listen to the audio!

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Hello! I'm Clarissa, a green lifestyle blogger from Norwich, UK. I write about environmental concerns, animal rights issues, and also my hobbies of birding, gardening, and nature rambling, as well as sharing vegetarian recipes and reviews on cruelty-free products. Feel free to comment and connect with me on social media; you can find me on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/this_veggie_life/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThisVeggieLife

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